What a Tool.

I think I’m slowly getting the gist of WordPress, I’ve been looking through sites to find some Memes but there is none I really find interesting.

I’m currently watching Tool academy, it’s a show where girlfriends send their boyfriends to an academy where they basically get the piss taken out of them and try to be good boyfriends with a cash prize at the end. At the moment they are writing songs for their girlfriends with a professional lyricist, I wish my boyfriend would write a song about me. He used to draw me pictures a lot (he’s a great artist) but there is something special about a written song by someone who loves you, maybe I’ll ask him to later! the guys on tool academy just seem to be rhyming words with the girls names, or singing nonsense.

 I don’t see the point about this show, if your boyfriend is that bad, leave him! it’s all about money for some people.  At the end of the day I would rather have a healthy good relationship than a bad relationship that needs so much work on that I have to go on tv, Jeremy Kyle being a prime example. The people on that show are so embarrassing and the majority of people only watch it to take the piss, there is hardly any good looking people on there yet the most common topic of the show is cheating followed by DNA and unemployment. It’s not a very good show to promote the people of the UK.  To be honest it does make me ashamed. I would actually be disappointed if my son ended up on that show, I know he wont though, I will bring him up to be respectful to women and teach him manners. Where are these people’s morals?


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