8 Years ago…

I’m not the type of person to have a lot of friends, a group of friends or even more than a handful of friends. Ever since I can remember my I’ve been moving  from house to house and school to school. My Mum and Dad could never settle, we moved from North Wales, to South Wales and back again… a few times! Which obviously meant I had to move schools a lot, I’ve lived in 14 different houses and 7 schools and have never kept in touch with any of my friends.

However one day In year 7 at school, I was waiting for my friends to come back from the canteen and this random girl started talking to me. I can’t remember the whole story, but she ended up singing about my dog Ozzy, who had recently passed away. Ever since we have been friends, we used to fall out a lot but we hardly ever do now. I guess we grew up? well maybe not. We tend to have a lot of random fun, random being a word I don’t really like because not much is random. However when we hang out we make our own fun, occasionally slagging off people we don’t like, “Shaz” being one of them. We do this thing where we make up situations and see how the other would react, sort of like: “what would you do if I was sleeping with your dad?” that kind of thing Hah! If it wasnt for Ceirwen I probably wouldn’t of met my boyfriend Ben, as she came with me to meet him for the first time because I was too nervous, which means I wouldnt of had my baby Alfie! Ceirwen is the type of friend where we seem to hang out more at night than in the day, with her being in College and Ben working nights she seems to be here a lot, which is nice because it keeps me and Alfie company! and seeing as Alfie really likes her, its easy to carry on with normal friend stuff because Alfie don’t mind her tagging along!  I think everyone should have a friend like Ceirwen! x


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