I’m an assassin!

Wow, so the whole blogging thing every day went down hill! However, I have been extremely busy being as Assassin!

 I recently have become obsessed with Assassins Creed Brother Hood on the Xbox360. I had previously played the first Assassins creed but never really got deep into the story line, I seemed to prefer playing about on my horse! However Assassins Creed Brother Hood has so much more to offer! With the new ability to play online with friends or random people in the multiplayer maps it’s a whole new level of fun! I find myself sneaking upstairs for a quick match whenever possible! Well, whenever Alfie is asleep!

They have recently brought out a new map and game mode a sort of capture the flag, but its a treasure chest? I’m not to keen on it, but i’m sure they will bring out more!  At the moment i’m focusing on getting all my stats to the highest and reaching level 50 for the achievement. I doubt i’ll bother playing the story mode as multiplayer seems to take over my life. Currently at level 21, I have to ask myself.. what happens when I reach level 50? there is no 51! Pretty much sucks. I guess then i’ll go back to Halo.

The one downfall about the game is the Doctor, he really creeps me out. He has a mask like a bird and his weapon of choice is a needle. I hate playing as him, or being chased by him. the thought of him just really makes me feel uneasy, yet I have no idea why.

I’m going to copy Ben and start a “photo of the day” I take on average about 6 photos on my Iphone a day so this way it gives me something to talk about!


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