Photo of the day: 02

As a strong believer in afterlife and life on other planets, the Roswell UFO incident has always been something that ive been interested in. I plan to spend my whole evening looking up stories and videos about the incident, I know it may sound sad but I often spend my evenings watching documentaries, from body modification to historical moments I like to fill my mind up with all the mysteries and wonders of the world! So with my evening planned, I leave you with my photo of the day!

My biggest obsession! Coca Cola,  I like all flavours of Coke and drink it on a daily basis! Seeing as I don’t drink hot drinks I drink it constantly, Its got to the point that I don’t actually like the taste anymore, but feel frustrated if I can’t have it. I spend a fortune monthly on this fizzy drink and have to rapidly clean my teeth to maintain them as I don’t want them going bad! I can’t imagine a life without coke, I’d probably be thin. A few weeks back I tried to stop drinking it and lasted two days on just water, mentally and physically I felt good about myself, but caved in late one night! I sound like im talking about cocaine or something but unless your addicted you’ll never understand!



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