Photo of the day: 05

Pussy cat pussy cat I love you.

Growing up I’ve always had pets I love animals and I love to care for them, no one could ever understand the disappointment in my face the day my boyfriend told me he was allergic to all animals! So when we moved in with me and my family I was keen to buy a new kitten, he insisted it was a bad idea, but seeing as I already had pets, what harm could another do?

I saw an advert for a kitten for sale, I followed the address the man had given me on the phone, arrived at his house and realised I used to work with him, it was awkward. I saw the teeny tiny kitty and she was beautiful, my little kitty. She already had a name but it was boring, all of my pets have had strange names, Apple soon settled in and would respond to me meowing out the window and would run back into the house and purr.

Me and Ben moved into our ground floor beautiful flat and our little Apple pie loved sitting in the window watching the world go by! She would sit by the gate, wait for people to walk past, roll over in front of them and stay on her back waiting for tummy rubs, little children would stop to stroke her on the way to school, she is just adorable. However, noticing that Ben’s allergies werent bad no more and he had adjusted to living with a cat, cat number two, Gypsy came along! with his teeny paws and black and white coat, I couldn’t resist! Then a rabbit and a dog joined the family when we moved into our house.

Ever since they have been best friends! I’ll get to the point in the photo of the day now.

Since having a baby, my kitties have been feeling left out, they go away for weeks at a time, sometimes just weeks. It made me sad because, this is going to sound lame, but when my Nanna passed away and I bought Apple she made me really happy and cheered me up, I felt like I had put a lot of time and effort into looking after my pussy cats and now they are leaving me! I said to my boyfriend the other night that I just want them to stay at home for good because I miss them and my little boy loves them. The next day they both returned, spooky I know and for the last week they have been home constantly wanting cuddle’s and wanting to play. So here is my photo of the day, Apple rolling over for tummy rubs!


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