Photo of the day: 07

Today was a horrible day, I woke up in a great mood, listened to some music, lounged about waiting to go to my Mum’s house at 1pm to give my Granddad his injection, decided to go on Facebook where I ended up having an argument, then I had a phone call off Alfie’s dermatologist saying we needed to go into hospital for Alfie to have blood tests and a skin sample taken off him. Whilst trying to get signal I went in my front garden, where I was confronted with half a dead rabbit, all that was left was its back-end, its poor bones we’re sticking out everywhere. 

2 o’clock was Alfie’s appointment and it came around really quick. After signing all the consent forms, Alfie had a anesthetic rub, then a anaesthetic in needle form to numb his arm, he was such a good little boy he didn’t even cry. I had to hold him as they pushed this rounded knife into his arm, I thought they we’re only taken the top layer of skin off but they cut a chunk of skin off, right down to the bone, because I was holding him I could see everything, the cutting of the skin, the blood cells, the tugging of the skin and then them stitching him up. The whole time Alfie happily sucked on his bottle just staring at me, I felt so guilty but he’s seen 54 dermatologists and 4 doctors and not one knows what the rash is, so hopefully this will be the end of it and the doctors will get off their back sides and do something about this. We headed back to my Mum’s house for a little bit, then finally came home where I read Alfie one of his books…  

This leads to my photo of the day, nursery rhymes are so depressing! We started off with “rock a bye baby” which leads to the babys cradle falling from a tree and well, you can read more below.

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