Photo of the day: 08

Bye bye Jedi.


So today I had to give my dog away, I had been talking to a woman on Facebook for two weeks about her giving my dog Obi a loving home, today was the day. We drove for half an hour and turned up at her house, Obi had thrown up in the car and was a bit anxious. I knocked on the door and the woman answered. We we’re invited in and her house wasnt very nice, no flooring and felt really cold. I had no intentions of leaving Obi with this family, until she shouted “nipper” and this beautiful  jack russel x patterdale came running out, a few months younger than Obi and extremely well looked after, Obi was a bit nervous at first but soon was sniffing and nudging up to the woman. As we we’re leaving Obi and Nipper ran into the garden and we’re chasing each other, Obi came up to the gate as I was about to leave so I gave him a hug to let him know it was okay and safe and I left. I wish I didn’t have to re-home him but I don’t have the time and attention for him that he deserved, so it was for the best, so here is my photo of the day, my Jedi dog, Obi.

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