Photo of the day: 09

As a vegetarian I get wound up at the thought of people eating meat. I wont be hypocritical, I love the taste of meat, bacon, chicken pork… However, i’m unselfish and put the needs of animals first, when I was pregnant I did eat meat, purely for the fact I was worried sick I would have a miscarriage, my diet was so poor and I was being nagged that the baby needed meat, turns out they we’re all wrong you can have a 100% healthy pregnancy on a vegetarian diet.  Growing up I always thought I’d end up with a vegetarian boyfriend, who cared and loved animals as much as I did, cupid shot his arrow the wrong way and made me fall in love with a “pile as much meat on my plate as you can” allergic to animals man. I tried to stop him eating meat and just felt guilty, so instead when I make home-made meals I add quorn into them, he can never taste the difference until I tell him afterwards and he really likes it. As a Mum I would love nothing more than Alfie to be a vegetarian, meat is full of so many harsh chemicals that I don’t want in his body, Ben thinks otherwise, he thinks Alfie should eat meat and I shouldnt encourage him not to as he’s only 6 months old, which is fair enough I guess… but the day he asks me “Mummy where does this chicken nugget come from…?” ahaha!

I just made quorn bacon with quorn sausage and a free ranged egg on a bap and it was gorgeous! so that’s whats started the rant! Being vegetarian isn’t that easy when people are constantly saying “animals are meant to be eaten” and make you feel like you’re the one who is eating slaughtered animals. It can be easy though, if you go on to they will send you out a free vegetarian starter pack, also while your there put your name down on a few petitions to stop animal cruelty and other important issues.

So to continue my theme, here’s my photo of the day:

 We feel emotions too


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