Id give up forever to touch you.

Scream  Your

 Heart Out


With Valentines day quickly sneaking up on us, I must say this year I’m not particularly excited. Mine and Ben’s anniversary is on the 26th of February and I tend to be more excited about that, it will be 6 years this time and seeing as I’m only 20, that’s a record in my eyes. I don’t expect Ben to take me anywhere or even to go out and pick me a present, Ben’s the type to say “I’d rather you pick something” and would let me decide where to go, seeing as it’s always been like that when he does buy me things if it’s not something I’d buy, I feel like he’s wasted his money so maybe it’s best I decide? or… maybe for once he should surprise me? *hint* damn, he don’t read my blog.

The last six years have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, just like any relationships, we argue, we fight, we have fun, he pretends he’s a dinosaur called Eh, wait, what? not everyone does that? Oh. Well he does! aswell as being profittymole, lettuce, kitty, Blen and many more. We are so childlike and playful its unreal, we even have our own dance routine! ahahaha!

I do the cooking, most of the cleaning and taking care of Alfie, Ben does the ironing and mostly gets up at night with Alfie, except when he’s working as he actually works nights, we have a pretty good routine and he’s an amazing Dad, or as Alfie would say “dahdeeee”

We are the type of people who prefer to be left alone to get on with things, we don’t have many friends but I think Ben wishes he did and I would like him to aswell as he’s stuck with me and my friends the majority of the times.

I won’t lie me and Ben share different views on pretty much everything…    I strongly believe in God, Ben doesn’t even believe in God,  Ben hates piercings, tattoos, hair dye, extensions and I have all of them, yet he understands that he can’t change me and loves me for the way I am. I love classic rock like Whitesnake, Ben likes modern-day rock like Good charlotte. We even disagree on how our son should be raised. I want him to be a vegetarian who goes to church every sunday, I want him to be allowed to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, Ben wants the opposite. I like Halo 3, Ben likes Halo Reach!

So why are we still together, when we are so apart with everything else? Because;

I love my Ben.


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