Photo of the day: 15

Today I went to town with Ceirwen to get my eyebrows and eyelashes redone. Ceirwen has never had her eyebrows done before so was a bit nervous, but I ensured her it didn’t hurt and so she agreed to have them done. I went first as I was having lashes done too and their was a que, with it being so busy we were seen to in the hallway. I never used to be fussed with my eyebrows but since having them done last year I couldn’t imagine not having it done! it makes me feel a million times better about myself, especially with the eyelashes. The photo is of Ceirwen having hers done.

I also had my valentines prezzies early, as i’m so picky I pick my own! arahaha! it might not be “romantic” but it’s what I wanted and what I like, which makes me happy!

We then had a fun night planned in, playing xbox360 watching DVD’s and having some cider and shots. However we both became really tired quickly, so Ceirwen went home and I went off to bed! We’re extremely hardcore.

But all in all it was a really fun day and Ceirwen made a gorgeous cake and gave me and Ben some! which reminds me I have to make Ben his cake for Valentines day soon. I’m very happy with the day and the stuff I got! I love my eyebrows and lashes.


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