Oh Holy night.

This past week I’ve had a lot of bad attention towards my hair. A lot of people seem to dislike it and keep telling me to dye it. I had pink hair a few months back, but my hair was a lot longer and it was very much in your face, I wasnt comfortable with it so I dyed it black.

 I’ve had my hair cut and the pink is back and I’ve had a lot of  people comment, I’ve had little kids telling their parents “look she has pink hair” and I’ve had a bus driver asking “did you win the bet?” I’ve had comments from my family saying “it’s disgusting you should be ashamed” along with “its not really the type of hair to have if you’re a mum” I’ve been told I look like a cartoon character and that’s not the half of it! but I absolutely love it! I was convinced by my mum that I should dye it black again because it’s too bright so I went to town for a dye.

 I’ve also had some nice comments two doctors in the hospital whilst visiting my granddad stopped me, one a female who said “wow cool hair” and one a paramedic in his 20’s who kept smiling away to himself, my mum noticed and said “are you laughing at her hair?!” which led to a 15 minute conversation where he was asking me all about myself and how I do my hair, it was refreshing to have someone actually like it.

Whilst in town I was on the phone to Ben who said he really didn’t want me to dye it because he likes it as do I and I personally don’t see the big deal, I know it’s not natural to have bright pink hair and it is a lot brighter than it looks in pictures. But the way I see it if you like something in life and enjoy doing it or having it, then why should you change yourself for other people? People are quick to judge other people and I might have pink hair, piercings tattoos and might not look natural, but that doesn’t make me a bad person and  doesn’t make me a bad mum. So the pink hair is staying.


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