The new halocaust.

Life starts at conception not birth.

After reading Ceirwens blog  post about abortions which you can read here  I decided to voice my own opinions on my blog about the subject..

According to Wikipedia  “Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus or embryo from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death”  Death being the keyword.

I’m completely and utterly against abortions, I think if you have a genuine reason to terminate the pregnancy such as health reasons, rape or you’re an addict which therefore would abuse the unborn child with your addiction then I agree if you 100% can’t get help, then yes maybe abortion is best in that case. If you for whatever reason just don’t want a child or maybe are not ready to have a child then for the childs sake give it up for adoption, don’t murder the poor baby.

From day 1 of being pregnant your baby is growing, adapting, moving and loving you. In the uk you can have an abortion at 24 weeks. A lot of babies are born at 24 weeks and survive with a healthy life. Abortion is not something you will easily forget about it’s a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your life. There is no greater feeling than the love of your child, even while pregnant. When you start to feel your baby kick you can play games with him/her by tapping your tummy and waiting for them to kick, then tap somewhere else and your baby will follow and kick there, unborn babies respond to music that’s played, voices and movement, its magical.

Here is a video about abortion the audio is a bit strange and at some points in a different language but watch the whole video.

Key facts

In 2009, for women resident in England and Wales:

  • the total number of abortions was 189,100,compared with 195,296 in 2008, a fall of 3.2%
  • the age-standardised abortion rate was 17.5 per 1,000 resident women aged 15-44, compared with 18.2 in 2008
  • the abortion rate was highest at 33 per 1,000, for women aged 19, 20 & 21, each lower than in 2008
  • the under-16 abortion rate was 4.0 and the under-18 rate was 17.6 per 1,000 women, both lower than in 2008
  • 94% of abortions were funded by the NHS; of these, over half (60%) took place in the independent sector under NHS contract
  • 91% of abortions were carried out at under 13 weeks gestation; 75% were at under 10 weeks
  • medical abortions accounted for 40% of the total
  • 2,085 abortions (1%) were under ground E, risk that the child would be born handicapped

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