Photo of the day: 19

I went to the pub with Ceirwen and Ben, we had 6 shots each on the way there, some of which we’re vile so me and Ceirwen gave the vile ones to Ben, so he had 9 and after one pint of strongbow was very much drunk and making stupid jokes. We were there for an hour and decided that we should just go. We walked to the local kebab house to get chips and sat around the corner on some steps to eat them then began the walk home. I had a really good night and although I was disappointed with the pub, I mean we didn’t even stay to do the quiz, I’m still really glad we went!

As soon as I got home I noticed I had a missed call, I didn’t recognise the very long number but called back and was diverted, then the person phoned me back and it was Kerri, a friend of mine who moved to Ireland *sob* I was meant to go over and see her this week but I didn’t have enough money, Kerri was phoning me from the My chemical romance gig we we’re meant to be attending, she sounded like she was having so much fun, which I’m glad! It was nice to speak to her as well.