No eating here tonight, no no no eating here tonight, you on a diiiiiet!

I’ve always been “chubby” since I was a baby, my Nanna always used to say “it’s just puppy fat, you’ll lose it when you get bigger” and that’s the problem, I’ve got bigger and bigger! my weight never really bothers me and seeing as I’ve had a baby 7 months ago I don’t think I look that bad.

But yesterday in a conversation with my Mum who has been losing weight constantly for the last few months and looks great she said “Wouldnt you ever like to lose some weight love?” … I replied no. But after thinking about it in the bath yesterday, I didn’t realise how much weight I’d actually put on. I’m not going to diet because I quite frankly don’t want to, maybe a little healthier eating is in order. I used to take diet pills but became addicted to them and although they worked, I didn’t like how much I felt I “needed” them.

 I also have Ea active sports for Kinect which is really good! you can’t cheat and have to do the exercise exactly how they do or they make you repeat it over and over. It has a heartbeat monitor which straps to your wrists and genuinely seems to be a great form of healthy exercise. Oh and you get achievements! hah! So maybe that will help too!

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!


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