Bye bye pink hair, my friend.

After getting in contact with my local gym, which will cost me £25 for induction then £27 a month for usage for the gym, swimming pool and other facilities, I have decided I am going to attend. Already lots of people have asked if they can come too which will be nice. I’m going to make a page on here where I blog about my weight gain and loss, that way when I’m tempted to nom on pizza and muffins I’ll remember I have to blog that I just ate a 9” pizza to myself. I’ll start fromthe 7th of March as that is when I do my monthly food shop! and hopefully I’ll lose weight! if not I’ll be mortified that I’ve gained 2 stone in a week and you all know about it! hah!

I know I say this a lot but I want to thankyou all for reading my blog, when I saw how many views I had yesterday I was shocked! I didn’t expect anyone to take notice or care about my life but it’s nice to see that people have and do!

I’m also going to re-dye my hair today, with it being neon pink it will run in the swimming pool and I don’t want to have pink streaks all over my face! I will miss my pink hair a lot but there is no way I would wear a swimming cap! it brings back memories that I will never forget!

My morning has been fairly average, I watched 6 episodes of One Tree Hill, made Ben and Steve cheese burgers for lunch, which stank so badly and now I am just blogging and debating on going to have a bath!


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