Photo of the day: 24

I started the day being forced to go to the cinema with Ceirwen, Ryan and Seana. Ceirwen wasnt taking no for an answer and neither was Ben. I rushed to get changed, I wore my brightly coloured dress blue leggings and a red cardigan, I didn’t do much to my hair, I just straightened it then puffed it up to make it look scruffy. I was then told straight away to wear a coat! I kissed Alfie and Ben goodbye and we left and walked to where we were meeting Seana, which was at the bus stop. Whilst at the bus stop I saw a girl who I’ve been talking to over Facebook over the last few weeks, she now lives next door to Ceirwen and works with my Mum and sister. She seems really nice and has a really cute baby girl, I spoke to her for about 10 minutes, but then the bus turned up.

Arriving in town we went to the ATM to get out some money, rushed to the cinema to buy our tickets, which even though I said I didn’t own a student card, he still gave me money off! We realised it was 4pm which was the time the filmed started but we decided we still had enough time to pop to the pound shop to get some sweets to sneak in and be back at the cinema in time for the film. Sadly we were wrong and the film had already started, we hadn’t missed much but it’s still the point of missing some.

The film was called Paul, it’s really a good film and I would buy it on DVD. The film finished around 6pm, we all walked Ryan to where he was being picked up and headed to the bus station to check the bus times. I had arranged with my Mum to be picked up from Mc Donalds as we were going to visit my Granddad in hospital at 7. After checking the times we headed to Mc Donalds for food, Seana buying a happy meal, me buying a deli meal and Ceirwen nothing as she’s trying to lose weight. The time soon came for them to leave for their bus, which left me alone in Mc Donalds full of weirdos. A man sat directly in front of me, which made me feel uncomfortable so I spent most of the time picking at my disgusting spicy vegi sandwich and calling people.

My parents were running late as usual and the time seemed to be going very slowly, I didn’t want to play on my phone because they might have asked me to leave if I was no longer eating, so I picked and picked at my sandwich, nearly 50 minutes passed and my Dad arrived, he had already dropped my mum off at the hospital. I spent an hour with my Granddad and then we headed home. Alfie was very happy to see me putting his arms out for me and smiling, even though he was doing two of his favourite things, eating and watching waybuloo. I’m going to spend the rest of the evening reading and playing halo.

So here is my photo of the day it’s the sandwich I picked at for 50 minutes, nom:


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