Photo of the day: 29

Today is Ben and mines anniversary we have been together for 5 years, It’s been a long 5 years, so much has happened. We started going out when we were 14 but didn’t properly go out til we we’re 15. We have had 2 houses, a baby, 2 cats, a dog, a rabbit and 3 fish! Before we lived together it was a long distance relationship, taking two and a half house to get to his house. But, looking back it was totally worth it.

We started off in town on the way to Frankie and Benny’s. There was a food market of some sort in the town square, we stopped to have a look and I saw this gorgeous little rabbit teddy, suitable for a key ring. She was adorable so I just had to purchase her! Then we saw a “wales’ best fudge ever” stall, seeing as I love fudge, we ate loads of the samples and narrowed it down to our favourites. I had vanilla and Ben had ginger fudge, nom. We then stopped at a cake stall with gorgeous looking cakes, but soon realised we we’re on our way to Frankie and Benny’s and didn’t require anymore food! We continued our walk and ended up in Thornton’s, where we bought a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates, they we’re £15, but £3 if you buy anything else in store, we bought a 66p white chocolate bunny for Alfie!  total bargain (they turned out to be vile) As we got to Frankie and Benny’s I changed my mind, I wasn’t in the mood to eat there, nor Pizza express, Nandos, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, or 1-5. We went to the Arcade in the bowling Ally, where I played on all the machines and was given advice by a little boy on how to win.

I really couldn’t be bothered doing much else, we went to buy my granddad some pyjamas and went to Mc Donalds! which was so packed we had to go sit on the 3rd floor, which is stuffy and made us feel like we we’re in a box. We then went on the visit my granddad in hospital.

It was a really random, but fun day!