Some people are just cruel.

A quick blog really to show you a conversation i had about 5 minutes ago with a guy I’ve known for a while on MSN. The conversation was too long to print screen so I’ve had to do it from the chat log. I’m doing this to show you how cruel people can be these days and basically, don’t let other people drag you down. You will have to click on the photo to enlarge it, not sure about mobile! Oh and by my font is the bold one..

Admit you’re a prostitute and leave our Dad alone!

The sun is shining, the gardens calling but a little boy called Alfie is poorly! and so am I. So we’re stuck in the livingroom watching rubbish day time TV. Jeremy Kyle is probs the most ridiculously addictive show on TV, it’s dirty little people who are on it make me feel sick, occasionally you get some decent people but I think everyone associates the show with dead beat druggies. So why do I watch it? because it makes me feel better about myself! Why do these people even bother going on the show? it’s embarrassing. You would never catch me  on the show… no way in hell! The current topic is “Admit you’re a prostitute and leave our Dad alone!” … niceeee! She does actually look like a prostitute to be fair. It makes me laugh though, I got judged for having pink hair, yet where I leave the majority of the people are on drugs, yet that’s normal?

What a world we live in! I hope that by the time Alfie gets bigger the world is a less judgemental place, the sad thing is, it wont be. We all feel the same emotions, the same feelings, we all enter and leave the world the same way, so why do we all hate so much? we all want similar things! (unless youre Hitler of course) it makes no sense to me at all.


I decided this morning I wanted to go to the beach, we packed everything travelled half way and decided to stay in Chester. It was a really nice day, the sun was shining so we sat in the big park where theres constantly squerrels running about. Alfie loved it there and so did me and Ben. We looked around a few shops, bought a few things and headed back to Wrexham where we did some more shopping. Even though it wasnt the day we had planned it was really nice!


The world we live in.

I was talking to a woman in her early 60’s with early stages of Alzheimer’s, she can have a full conversation with you but is a little forgetful. She told me how lovely I looked and how much she liked my flower in my hair, she asked me how I made the flower and how I got it in my hair, I explained that I bought it and it was just a clip in flower. She was so interested in it that I gave her it. She said “oh no, I don’t want to take it, your hair looks lovely with it…but if you insist!” I told her I didn’t mind, it really suited her, plus I had another one at home so my Mum clipped it into her hair. She was so happy with it that I didn’t mind that I didn’t really have another one at home, it was my favourite clip, one of which my niece Paige regularly tries to steal from me… (shes 2) but I never let her because I loved it so much.

I felt a little bit guilty, Paige always wanted it. But seeing this woman so happy with it and knowing what she has to live with for the rest of her life, such a cruel disease seemed much more worthy. She was over the moon for the whole time I was there, posing about with the flower in her hair and dancing to music. Paige would have got home and lost it, not given it a second thought.

My mum didn’t understand why I gave it away when I loved it and didn’t know where to get another one, but I figured life is too short it made her so happy and we all take things for granted. I think everyone should volunteer at a residential home (old people’s home) most of them don’t have family and don’t have any visitors, theyre fed, watered and left there with little to no company. It makes me feel sad. My granddad is currently there, but only because he broke his hip and can’t walk about very well, my parents are in the middle of building an extension for him to be able to sleep downstairs with his own shower and toilet room. This wont be completed for a few more weeks so my grandad has to stay there… it wont be long and he will be home! but the other people wont. This is their home, the last home they will ever have. Most of us will be in that position later in life so we should all help and remember that just because people are old doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, they get really lonely and while we sit and take life for granted, no one considers what elderly people go through if your lucky to have your grandparents still living then go visit them, it might be boring for you but for them it will make their day and if you don’t have yours anymore and never bothered with them, you should be ashamed of yourself. Just saying.


I went on a day trip to Chester with my boyfriend and Alfie, the sun was shining and it seemed like the perfect day to go, we checked around shops.. had some lunch and ended up buying some really good stuff.

I noticed a chinese woman standing at a mini salon station in the middle of the shopping centre, I went over to read what she was doing or selling and she was a threading technician… I didn’t quiet understand at first but she then went on to tell me how threading is removal of facial hair using cotton thread, it sounded impossible so I questioned did she do eyebrows? a stupid question but she replied yes. As I had recently gotten my eyebrows waxed and then plucked I didn’t really need it doing that badly but decided to see how it worked.

I sat down on the chair in the middle of the centre where everyone could see, which made me a little nervous at first. She asked me to put one hand above my eyebrow and one below and stretch the skin, she began using the cotton to remove the hair, it was painless at first. She quickly did one eyebrow and moved onto the next, the next eyebrow hurt so badly I asked her to stop for a minute while I cleaned up my smudged eyeliner as my eyes we’re watering terribly. She continued and I was glad when it was over.
I stared into the mirror and the result was flawless, no red skin like with waxing or plucking and I would do it again!
After talking to a few friends I later found out that threading is meant to be painless after the first time and seeing as only one eyebrow hurt, maybe I was or wasnt stretching the skin far enough? or too much. I was told that debenhams do the same technique but for £18, where as I paid £5. So I will be heading to debenhams sometime soon!

It’s not the easiest thing to describe so watch this video

Ohai Fatty.

I’ve been contacted by a diet pill company to see if I would review their product for money. I was a bit insulted at first! but they sent me out a free sample and I think i’ll defernatly go along with it! I don’t really want to lose weight, but I don’t see why not when I’m being paid and given free diet pills!