Photo of the day: 32

The last few photos of the day have been of Alfie and I know I said I wouldn’t keep using him as the photo but so much has been happening that it makes sense for him to be!

Alfie is currently a big 7 months old! and he is adorable, he is so loving and kind, but I find myself often wondering, where did the time go? it’s been 7 months yet it’s gone so fast I havent had time to sit and just think about what’s happening. I love being a Mum and it wasn’t really until this morning that it really hit me.. he’s growing up!

I was woken up this morning with fingers up my nose, in my mouth and poking my eye lids, I pretended to still be asleep so then the “dadddeeee” started, over and over for about 15 minutes! The thing Alfie doesn’t realise is that “dadddeeee” works nights in an old people’s home, so he’s not there at night when Alfie wants him. I smiled at him and he started laughing and hit me with his rattle. Ben came home about 9am, he works 8pm-8am, Alfie’s face lit up and continued shouting his name until he got into bed with us.

Alfie seems to be really good at taking orders, I was nearly a week overdue with him when I posted on a social network a message like “Dear Alfie please come out and see me tomorrow” … that night I went into labour. My Mum and Ben were both there but my Mum had to leave at 5:30 to pick my Granddad up. I remember her saying “Alfie you’re going to have to come out before half 5!” Alfie was out at 5:29. I know it’s just a coincidence but it makes me laugh! In hope that he would listen again I said to him last night, “you have to learn to crawl before Daddy goes to work in an hour!” I’ve been encouraging him to crawl for weeks and he is trying his best. I put him on the floor on his play mat and I went on Facebook, I glanced down to see if he was okay and he crawled! I shouted “OMG Ben!!!” Alfie then stopped to look at me and hasn’t done it since!

I spent all my time saying I couldn’t wait til he can eat food, crawl, walk, talk etc and now I don’t mind when he does! he’s growing up so fast and it’s quite scary! Although, I can’t wait to have another!


This was Alfie at a few weeks old and a photo taken recently.


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