I had a dream.

I dream a lot of random crap every night. I usually can remember my dreams but last nights dream has kind of in a way upset me.

The dream started with me talking to Ben, I was asking him to have Alfie for the night as I was going out with Kerri as I’d had a miscarriage and was really upset?  Me and Ben had split up weeks ago but we’re still friends. I remember then being in a bar, which was actually Mc Donalds, but it was a classy bar in my dream, sort of like the one in the movie Grease. We quickly made friends there and started dancing while ordering drinks and socializing. I met a guy there, he was tall with really dark long hair and Kerri met one who looked similar but with short brown hair, we danced on the tables, not in a sexy way, more in a funky chicken kind of way, then we decided to go for a walk with these guys, it was pitch black and really scary. We walked and talked for what seemed ages, then decided to go back to the bar, where a friend of ours Richard was there, he left his motorbike outside and followed us in.  I don’t remember what happened but then I was walking home alone. I opened my door and some how Kerri had redecorated my bedroom for me, while I was out? even though I was out with her.

The next night we decided to go out again with the two guys. Mine never turned up, I was confused why as he had text me to say he’d be there. I walked to his house and he was at a funeral.. at night, and the next thing so was I?!  Within my dream I quickly fell in love with this guy, I hugged him tightly and reassured him that his Mum was in a better place. I never saw him after that and was really upset. I went back to the bar and Kerri was still there, for the 3rd day in a row lol dancing away with her new boyfriend. I was so jealous and upset that I decided to just head home. I was then woken up by Alfie tugging on my nose.

The reason the dream made me sad is I never go out or socialize with other people unless they come to my house. Also because I think if me and Ben did break up, I’d never find anyone else, no guy, even if he did like me, would stay with me when they found out I have a young baby and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame them, no one would want to be a step Dad in their twenties, they’d be crazy. Me and Alfie would just have each other.


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