Hey Pink hair! …it’s been a while.

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I love to dye my hair every few weeks. Its been black for about 3 weeks and I’m rather bored of it. I had my hair cut from shoulder length to a choppy all over the place bob. Its abit over the top as its impossible to style but I felt I needed it cut as I was bleaching and dyeing it and it was all dead. As soon as I got home from the hair dressers I headed to town to buy some pink dye and dyed my hair pink again. I’m not a pink person, i’m not really girly at all, but I love pink hair. It’s so cartoon like and cutesy. I have some pink dye left and im debating if I should redye it pink. I’m not 100% on the idea though, a few people have suggested that I dye bits of it, or try another colour however, if you know me you’ll know that I’ve dyed my hair every colour I could. I’ve mixed dyes to make different shades, redyed on top to make the colour bright and all sorts… so I guess I’m kind of getting bored?

I would love to shave all of my hair off and just wear wigs. I did play with the idea a few weeks back, wanting to do it for the Alzheimer’s charity as it’s close to my heart.  I was put off as a lot of people we’re telling me I would regret it. Ahh! I’ll never be happy.


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