I went on a day trip to Chester with my boyfriend and Alfie, the sun was shining and it seemed like the perfect day to go, we checked around shops.. had some lunch and ended up buying some really good stuff.

I noticed a chinese woman standing at a mini salon station in the middle of the shopping centre, I went over to read what she was doing or selling and she was a threading technician… I didn’t quiet understand at first but she then went on to tell me how threading is removal of facial hair using cotton thread, it sounded impossible so I questioned did she do eyebrows? a stupid question but she replied yes. As I had recently gotten my eyebrows waxed and then plucked I didn’t really need it doing that badly but decided to see how it worked.

I sat down on the chair in the middle of the centre where everyone could see, which made me a little nervous at first. She asked me to put one hand above my eyebrow and one below and stretch the skin, she began using the cotton to remove the hair, it was painless at first. She quickly did one eyebrow and moved onto the next, the next eyebrow hurt so badly I asked her to stop for a minute while I cleaned up my smudged eyeliner as my eyes we’re watering terribly. She continued and I was glad when it was over.
I stared into the mirror and the result was flawless, no red skin like with waxing or plucking and I would do it again!
After talking to a few friends I later found out that threading is meant to be painless after the first time and seeing as only one eyebrow hurt, maybe I was or wasnt stretching the skin far enough? or too much. I was told that debenhams do the same technique but for £18, where as I paid £5. So I will be heading to debenhams sometime soon!

It’s not the easiest thing to describe so watch this video


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