Pinch punch, first of the month!

Well its the 1st of April and I’ve had enough of april fools jokes on Facebook! sick of seeing “omg i’m pregnant” or “I’ve won the lottery!!” … where is the unique believable ideas?! with half an hour left it’s looking disappointing! I managed to convince someone I had a sex change, they were so sympathetic and even asked me questions about it. He looked like such a retard when I told him and I think he was slightly embarrassed. I had a giggle though!

I’m currently watching day time Tv with my little bumble bee Alfie. I’ve now nearly finished his bedroom and I’m really proud! it’s taken three weeks, not constant work though in drips and drabs. The reason it took so long was work commitments, Alfie and basically having no energy recently. The lines took forever as we had to use masking tape in small cuts to get it straight, it’s not yet fully finished, his new curtains aren’t up and the paintings not quite done as we ran out of paint!

It might not be to everyone’s taste but I love it and so does he! he was so excited and kept laughing. Hes currently upside down on the sofa watching this morning…


2 thoughts on “Pinch punch, first of the month!

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