Its been a while.

Its been a while since I’ve had any paranormal activity in my house. At the time it did frighten me, sometimes to the point I’d stay up til 4am and sleep on the sofa. But it also made me very intrigued it seemed like me,  me Alfie and my pets we’re the only things to be able to see it. Ben couldnt at all, but had witnessed things happening occasionally when I pointed them out.

I’ve had my dream catcher moving for no reason, pans falling off the rack even though they’re hooked on securely, photo frames swaying side to side, I’ve seen shadows move across the room, I’ve felt something touch my arms, Things randomly falling upstairs and making a loud bang, I’ve felt something over take my body and I’ve seen a figure just stand there in my bedroom.

It all sounds very film-like and although I am a big fan of paranormal films most of this happened before I’d watched the films. I became that obsessed with the recent spirit in my house I started talking to it, started trying to prove it to other people, especially Ben who doesn’t believe at all. It seemed I slightly convinced when he saw how my baby Alfie and my dog both we’re obsessed with the corner of the room. Alfie doing anything to get near the corner, which was empty. He would just stare up at the ceiling smiling and waving. The dog Obi on the other hand would continuously bark at the corner and get very frightened.

Since trying to convince and prove to my family and friends that there was paranormal activity in my house it seems to have stopped completely. I don’t feel it there anymore and nothing out of the ordinary happens. It disappoints me because I feel I was so close to being able to see it properly in human form. I wish there was a way to get it back but I havent got a clue. Have you?