Hello, hello.

Yesterday I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year as she moved to Ireland.

I got a call saying shed be half an hour so to meet her in Wrexham town. I was already ready so left the house to wait for the bus which was due in 4 minutes. I waited for a good 40 minutes, late as normal. Standing next to a middle-aged woman who burped really loudly. The bus arrived and I used Ben’s weekly ticket and tried to find a seat without falling over, the buses around here don’t give you time to sit down, they just drive.

The bus seemed to be taking forever. I sat there watching the pretty trees zoom past and wondering if Kerri would have changed at all. A lot can happen in a year. I had two houses a baby a rabbit and a dog. What had kerri been done? I knew the basics of it, she was living a normal life of a teenager, working and drinking at weekends.  But people can change a lot depending on their life style and friends, so whilst I was playing the role of a average 30-year-old, paying bills and raising a baby, it seemed like me and Kerri would have nothing in common no more. What if we didn’t get along? what if she turned up in a Burberry tracksuit? teehee.

I arrived at the bus stop and Kerri looked no different what-so-ever. No tracksuit, no golden chains just exactly how she was! Phew, we headed to a ATM and then off to Mc Donalds. The conversation pretty much started off from where it left it last year, it wasnt awkward at all. She had bought me Ben and Alfie lots of lovely gifts and I was really excited looking at them all and they are all really nice!

We got back to my house after Kerri did some quick Primark shopping. We didn’t really do much, ordered some food, watched some T.V and that was about it. We wanted to play Halo3 but the disk had broken and I forgot I had the other Halos too. We went to sleep at half 11 as we were both really tired. Not a specially fun evening but it was a really good gossiping catch up! and Alfie really liked her which is good as I lost a lot of ”friends” when I became pregnant.


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