A night out.

After a long discussion with Kerri saying why I don’t go to night clubs and why I wasnt really keen on going with her. I found myself frantically looking through my wardrobe for clothes, I had bought a dress for the night but after trying it on I felt it was more suitable for church on sunday. Ceirwen was coming along to and wore a really cute dress, leggings, sandals and a cardigan but I was still unsure what to wear, 9pm came and Kerri turned up with a few outfits for me to try, she was wearing a black dress which was really gorgeous. I tried on a black dress, it was lovely but you could pretty much see everything, so I’d have to wear leggings. Insisting that I didn’t want to wear leggings as I’d bought new tights, I tried on the next dress. A black dress with only one sleeve, it was such a gorgeous dress! I just had to wear it, I tried on Kerri’s size 6-7 shoes, but my feet are tiny and a size 5 so that was a bit of a fail. I put on my purple studded heels, said bye to Alfie and Ben and headed outside to wait for the taxi.

The taxi turned up and me and Kerri struggled to get out of my garden as it is a steep hill upwards to the gate and sadly heels don’t have grips. We all decided that not one of us wanted to sit in the front with the taxi driver so squeezed into the back. He said “hello” so Ceirwen said “hey” and he quickly started to mimic Ceirwens voice, followed by his fast driving the driver truly was a nut case. He joked asking us “were we out on a school night” he said he had escaped from a psychiatric hospital. His driving was terrible, he said he hadn’t even passed his test yet, he then got out a blue torch and started flashing it pretending to be a police car, started shouting abuse at drivers in a irish accent to take the mic out of Kerri. There was an awkward silence for what seemed an hour, more like 30 seconds. We sat there just staring at each other in disbelief than bam.. he screamed really loud for no reason whatsoever, Kerri screamed and said she nearly had a heart attack, I joked that we should just go straight to the hospital but in his car rather than an ambulance as he was still driving insanely. He dropped us off at a place that was empty, I asked him to take us somewhere a bit more lively. He did, I gave him £10 and told him to keep the change.

We started off in a small “disco bar” as Kerri called it. Kerri ordered us all a shot and then we bought our own drinks. Rip of WKD’s for us all. We quickly got comfy on some stools by the bar when Kerri announced that some guy called Matt she had been talking to over twitter was going out tonight and that she was unsure if she should meet up with this stranger. Kerri went out for a cigarette and me and Ceirwen stayed inside watching as the place slowly filled up.

The next minute Kerri’s talking to some guy, we joked that maybe it was Matt “nah he looks too old” I said. Kerri walks in with this guy walking behind her, “this is matt” I looked at him thinking “this seemed pretty planned!” He looked back at me and said “I know you, off twitter!” I could just tell from that statement he was nice! I shook his hand because I’m just that lame, he looked slightly geeky and I could tell he felt as uncomfortable as me and Ceirwen in this place. They ordered a drink and talked for a while. Me and Ceirwen we’re having a good time. I’m the type of person that thinks things are only awkward if you make them. I asked him “what are you into?” He went on to tel me about his job, I butted in with “I meant sexually” I was dying to make him feel awkward. We all laughed and Kerri went for another cigarette.

Turns out I grew up in the same place Matt did, he worked in the shop I lived 2 doors down from. We knew some of the same people. It felt less awkward, even less awkward as we began to talk about game consoles.

Kerri ordered a £10 jug of cocktails which we pretty much all finished. The rest of the night in that place followed by them having alcopops and me announcing that I don’t actually like alcopops I only like cider. I’m not sure where it came from but the next minute I was handed a full bottle of strongbow then another.

We left and headed to a sort of club which was followed by more cider, shots, tubes and Smirnoff shockingly, that’s just what I had. I wasnt even drunk just merry, it was nice so I didn’t feel the need to want to drink no more. The rest of the night as for Kerri’s where abouts, I’m unsure. She seemed to have vanished the whole time. Leaving me, Ceirwen and Matt to do all the dancing. I joked to Matt how we’d been ditched with him and he could have been some kind of weird pervert, he laughed but took no offence by it. We finally found Kerri, outside, smoking. It must have been her 11th fag, seriously felt it. She would pop back in every now and again and say hi, have a wee and have a fag. We saw she was talking to some lad, we assumed she maybe knew or liked him, so left her to it.

The night although ended in an argument with a drunk Kerri and a sober me, genuinely was amazing, I think we all had so much fun. The argument was about her ditching us all night with this random guy who had assumed she wanted to spend time with him. Me and Ceirwen left, insisting that Matt texts us to let us know that Kerri got in her taxi and home okay.

Me and Kerri decided to just forget the whole thing, I wasnt angry or anything as I’d had such a good night, we we’re just disappointed we couldn’t of spent more time with her, she insisted that it was because she smokes so much, so she has to spend so much time outside. Regardless. I cant wait to do it again!