Today I bought a BBQ, I bought the food and I headed to my Mums house, It was her idea but I was paying for everything, cause I’m nice! I didn’t however expect to be cooking the food.

It started with Ceirwen putting up the BBQ while I prepared the food. Chicken and pork on kebab skewers, chops, BBQ chicken, sweetcorn,  hot dogs, burgers and some other meat which I wasnt too sure what it was.  The BBQ was up, Alfie was settled, my nephew was kicking a ball around the kitchen and trying to eat the bread! and My Mum made some chips.

I’d never cooked a BBQ before. If I’m honest it’s the first time I’ve even ate BBQ food, being a vegetarian most of my life whenever my family had BBQ’s i’d either eat a pasty or have a vegi burger… cooked in the oven away from the meat. So I was really hoping it would go well as none of my family think I can cook, when I’m actually quite a good cook.

I put the coal on, the fire lighters and lit it. To be honest I had no idea what I was doing, the whole thing went up into flames, but quickly died down and the coal turned to white, perfect for BBQing.

I ended up cooking for 10 people, with the help of my Dad, who took over after a while. I can’t wait to have more BBQ’s i’m loving this lovely weather, which is a change because I usually dont.