Celebrate today…fear tomorrow.

So Bin Laden’s dead.. That’s great news, the person who killed a lot of innocent men, women and children, has been killed, it’s just a shame he wasnt tortured first, but hey who knows. But what happens now? …live in fear?


Anyway, I woke up this morning and my body was aching. I keep having the same dream over and over again, except the people change and the place changes.

The pattern of the dream seems to be where im with someone and then I get separated from them, for example, lose them in a shop or something like that. Then I get grabbed, beaten up, sexually abused and end up screaming for help whilst dying, but everyone thinks im just exaggerating. It’s so terrifying because its something that I genuinely fear on a daily basis.

Last nights dreams, all the same but different locations, I was in school, a hospital and I was at a bus station. The weirdest part is, when I wake up, my body hurts like ive been beaten, it’s really strange. Luckily, I can wake myself up from a dream. I woke myself this morning as in the dream I was laying on my stomach with my arms tied and someone trying to break my back with their feet and arms, i could feel the strain on my back as they’re foot pushed into my spine, desperately trying to break it.

I wish I understood dreams and knew why I was having the same dream multiple times a night, it’s so sick and twisted although I do have a sick and twisted mind, which I wont go into detail about… maybe that’s the reason?


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