My full time job.

I’m finding it difficult to blog these days as it seems these days all I seem to do is cook! With a baby of 9 months its pretty hard to do anything. He’s learning to walk at the moment and climbing on everything, so cooking even becomes a hard job. The average day normally goes like this:

6am: Bottle.

8am: Cereal.


11am: potatoes, fish and peas.

12am: Bottle.

2pm: Fruit sticks and yoghurt.

4pm: Bottle.

5pm: Home made lasagna with veg and garlic bread.

7pm: bottle and porridge.

1am: Bottle.

4am: Bottle.

and then restart the day again! and keep in mind that’s not including the food I have to make for me and Ben too. So when do I have time to do other stuff? I can’t bath unless Ben is here as Alfie doesn’t like to be left on his own, even if he is playing in his room. So my days are very busy, even if it seems like I havent done much, what I can do is limited, especialy cleaning as I cant bleach the floor with a little boy moving about!

Having a baby is a full-time job, it’s not always easy but its the best job in the world. Alfie’s so loving and caring, he’s cheeky, hes funny he has a huge personality for such a young age and he just loves giving kisses.

Things are harder though, when a child becomes sick, gets a bug or their teeth are coming through. We are currently patiently waiting for monday to come to talk to the dermatologist about Alfie’s “condition” but seeing as he’s left us in the dark and went on holiday for 3 weeks its been stressful.

I hate seeing young Mum’s on Tv, Jeremy Kyle being a prime example. Girls my age and younger having babies with random one night stands, using all the benefits they can get to fund their lives and their boyfriends drug habits. It makes me sad because I would hate people to think that I’m like them, when I’m not.

My boyfriend has a full-time job, a very good job too and I stay at home bringing up out little boy, we don’t claim benefits like they do. We don’t do drugs and we have a lovely home. I know this blog is all over the place, but I hate the fact “young mums” are always in the news and there’s never any good reports or stories.

I believe that young Mums are just as good as middle aged Mums. Plus, if Alfie ever goes into a old peoples home we can go together! hahaa. no but seriously. Its the best full time job you can ever have. I cant wait to have more children. The thought of having a busy house and children running around makes me happy. My Nana had 10 children, my Mum had 5.. so my families already massive, although most of my relatives are a waste of space and dont know the world “family” mine will be different.


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