Photo of the day-01

So I went on a double date today, it was good. I’ve never been on a date before so it was a new experience.

After standing in the rain for half an hour at the bus stop with Ben and Ceirwen, the bus finally came… And drove past. So we had to quickly go the other stop, where we eventually caught the bus. The bus was packed, it was boiling, no windows were open, the heating was on and it was stuffy. Basically we were just breathing in everyone’s germs. Nice. Not the way I thought the day would go.

We arrived at the restaurant and just as we we’re about to pick a table to wait for Matt. Matt was suddenly in front of us, Ohai, after moaning that the table we we’re sat at was too high up, it was in line with my boobs and made me feel like I was in a high chair, I got comfy, unable to reach the floor, but comfy. Me and Ben went to order, leaving Ceirwen and Matt to talk. I had Lasagna, garlic bread and chips, Ben had a mixed grill, Ceirwen a chicken burger with chips and Matt scampi with chips.

We joked how Ceirwens food came on a random shaped bit of wood, while we all had plates. It was awkward, but not in a bad way, more in the way that we were unsure what to say, that quickly died down though and we al seemed to be having fun. After sharing some embarrassing stories and talking about a load of random stuff. We all finished and it was time to leave, Ceirwen hardly touching her food and the rest of us done.

We eventually decided to go see insidious, I’d heard some very good reviews about it and was quite excited to see it. We bought our tickets and went to wait in the seating area, where I made it even more awkward for Matt and Ceirwen, it was easy done seeing as me and Ben have been together for 5 years and this being their first date.

The film started off really well, creepy and good. It was basically, early morning, night early morning, creepy stuff happen… and Then we find out the little boy is possessed and a night traveller, demons are trying to get in his body and the dad has to night travel to bring the boys spirit back, but the Dads body in the end is over taken by a demon and he kills the ghost buster lady. A complete utter rubbish film. It was like watching a film from the 50’s, I should know.

The Date was really good and I hope to do it again some time.

I decided to start my photo of the day again, so here it is, Number 1. Ceirwen & Matt.



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