Photo of the day-05

Hitman Blood money was one of my favourite xbox360 games.

I spent hours daily trying to complete it, I’ll be honest I don’t think I ever did, it was so hard! I really didn’t have a clue. However the game came out in May 2006 and I didn’t buy it until a while after that… so I was fortunate enough to be able to look up online guides and you

tube walk-throughs for each level! aha.

I remember there was different ways to complete each level which made it even harder. I would love to play the game again but playing through those levels to get to where I was seems like such hassle.

The game kept you on edge through the whole thing, eagerly waiting to see what happens next.. it was violent gruesome and great!

So you can probably imagine how excited I was to hear this morning that there is going to be another! Although blood money was the fourth into the series, it’s the only one ive played. I am really looking forward to know something about the new game, some details will be released at E3 soon! So if you’re a hitman fan, like me, it wont be a long wait!



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