Photo of the day-09

So I kind of cheated. I used the photos from the same night out to use for yesterday and todays photo of the day, technically seeing as one was before  midnight and one after, it’s fine!

I went out last night with Ceirwen, Matt and Matt’s friend Tom.

Me and Ceirwen started off in the Black Horse, or so I think that’s its name, it had a karaoke night going on so we ventured in, after being asked for ID on the door and being insulted  by the bouncer, we went in found a seat and waited for Matt and Tom.

The place was packed and I wasnt sure why as no one could hear anyone talk as the music was that loud, I had to shout just to talk to Ceirwen who was next to me.

Tom and Matt arrived. It was incredibly awkward because as I said, no one could hear anyone. We all finished our drinks as quick as possible and left.

Then we went to a pub literally down the road, we sat by a table that looked like it was for 10.. so I quickly moaned and we moved seats. We all got a drink, except for Tom, he was incredibly quiet. At first I thought maybe he just didn’t like us, but later found out he was worried what his girlfriend might think knowing he was out with two girls, after a long talk and discussion about what he should do, he phoned and texted her and decided it was best he went home. Totally unnecessary to be honest, but it’s sweet that he loves her that  much that he didn’t want her to be jealous.  We left the pub and walked up the road to another place, Matt decided that he  needed to go home. He apologised, realising himself that he was over reacting as his girlfriend had no reason what-so-ever to be concerned. He said bye and walked back to Matt’s house, where I think he sobered up and drove home? It was nice to meet someone so in love, even if he was completely under the thumb!  its cute.

We went into Lloyd’s and quickly left. It was dead. We ended up in 1-5, a restaurant that turns into a mini club upstairs. We ventured in, me standing by Matt so I didn’t get asked for I.d, I have I.D but mine is out of date and some places refuse to take it. We headed upstairs to the dance floor where there was an awesome guy dancing like a robot, he genuinely was good at it! and even danced walking down the stairs, time must have flown by in there as the next thing I know, the place is closing.

Then we went to the place next door, The Bank? I could be wrong. It seemed quite small from outside but inside it was rather big. The dance floor was packed and the music was great. They played “Mr Brightside” and the whole place seemed to come alive, the Dj muting the song on certain lyrics to hear everyone sing. It was such a good atmosphere, reminded me of being in the Leeds festival seeing the killers live and everyone singing. Then some random guy asked me to go to Chicago rock with him, I removed his hands from my waist and said no, he asked again so I just walked off with Ceirwen. Then it was last orders, I was a bit gutted because the music was actually good in there and everywhere else is just noise.

We ended up in South Central where we paid £2 on the door and entered. It was good, there was a guy dressed as a penguin and a lot of weird dancing. It seemed to go quick there too as the next thing we knew it was time to leave, the bouncer informed us that upstairs was open.. so we went upstairs a place called “next door”, because it literally was next door.

I needed to pee so me and Ceirwen left Matt and went. The que was huge and I was not going to wait, especially as a girl pushed in and started opening toilet doors saying “im dribbling”, nice. The place was small, packed and the floor was incredibly sticky, so sticky that my shoes kept getting stuck to the floor every time I stepped. Resulting in us quickly leaving, well not quickly, but as quick as you can go when your shoes are coming off at every step.

2:30 and were wondering where to go now, we decided to head home, but the taxi office had massive ques so we walked to another one, getting chips on the way, my chips we’re absolutely gorgeous, the nicest chips ive have in ages, the best £1.30 I had spent all night!

We waited a while for the taxi, they gave us a raffle ticket to say when we were next. Our time came, Ceirwen and Matt said their goodbyes and then the next minute we’re home.

I had a really good night and I cant wait to do it again, hopefully Ben will be able to come too next time!


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