Photo of the day-13

My photo of the day is the characters from Portal2’s multiplayer. I spent my night and morning watching my boyfriend and his friend play it, whilst getting very drunk and had to YouTube how to complete the level. What seemed like a really fun evening turned into a punch up, so to speak and me being made out to be a slut. So a drunk Ben was throwing up everywhere and a tipsy Callum helped me drag Ben to the sink. We failed, he threw up all over my livingroom, spilt Cider all over my new sofa and when he lifted the sofa so I could clean underneath nearly put it down on top of my dog, which would have killed my poor little Obi. After Callum literally picked Ben up off the floor after he passed out and claimed he’d broken his wrist, we finally got him in the garden. I started to regret my choice of outfit, I was wearing a dress and sandals and it was freezing! Callum told me to go inside so I didn’t get too cold, but I thought I should help. Ben was then leaning over the bench, throwing up and it splatted all over my legs which ultimately put me in a mood. The next minute, Ben’s in the bathroom. The amount of times I picked him up off the floor im surprised I don’t have muscles like The Incredible Hulk. The whole night went tragically worse, I’m not going to blog the rest of the details because I think some things should be kept private and as much as I would love to humiliate him, I’m just not that type of person. I guess the truth comes out when you’re drunk.


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