I phoned the dermatologist this morning, he’s gone away again for his annual leave. I mean sure he only got back from his 3 week holiday last week but yeah im sure he’s worked really hard in one week to go to have away again, yeah i think not.

The thing that is really making me angrier than I have ever felt in my whole entire life, angry to the point that I feel like I’m going to throw up is that they have Alfie’s results about his skin condition, yeh they wont give them to me, his MUM because the freaken dermatologist is sunbathing somewhere. They expect me to wait two weeks, on top of the seven months I’ve already been waiting for these results, just because he’s away.

The receptionist is lovely, but, I went mad at her, telling her that there is no way I’m waiting another two weeks because its unfair. She said that Dr Bala wants to tell us himself, how sweet. I told her I didn’t care who told us, I just want to know.

Gonna end this post, turn into the hulk and Leannasmash everything.


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