Photo of the day-14

So I wrote this on the 21st.. but you know, go with it I have been busy, so we will pretend its still the 20th, okay? cool..

Today has literally been the worse day of my life. After getting the bad news about Alie’s skin condition.20110521-094515.jpg I then spent from 10pm til 2.30am in A&E with my Mum, Grandad and my eldest sister. My lovely grandad had fallen and ripped all of the skin off on his arms, even his tattoos. After 15 stitches and a needle he’s fine 🙂

Wrexham hospital are so awful it is unreal. I would never ever want to go there if I was sick. They made an old man sit there for hours on end with his arm all ripped open and skin hanging off. As I have spent a lot of time in Wrexham Maelor Hospital, I knew how rubbish they are, I knew we would be waiting there for a hell of a long time and clearly so did my mum. We both had brought our phone chargers and weren’t shy about plugging them in on the other side of the room from where we were sitting and waiting for them to charge up. Brave really, seeing as it’s Wrexham.

I had my very first 1:30am Happy Meal and was shocked to see a bouncer outside Mc Donalds ushering who went in and who didn’t, friday night is full of drunks you see, and we didn’t have much choice but to go to Mc Donalds as the vending machine in A&E , although lit up and everything, wasnt working and the hot drinks machine was vile, we had hot chocolates that tasted like frothy hot water. Yuk.So moral of the story, Wrexham hospital is a dump, the staff are rubbish especially on the wards and the place is filthy.


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