Photo of the day-18

I went to get m tattoo redone, the colouring looked slightly like it had smudged or reacted with my skin, they said they would do it free of charge. Whilst getting it redone all I could think of is “ahhh why couldn’t I of called Alfie a shorter name” it hurt so badly, more than the tattoo itself, I’ve had two of my tattoos redone and the touch up is more painful than the original tattoo. Whilst sitting there watching the needle buzz away at my skin, I noticed a picture of a swallow bird on the wall, for a while I’ve been wanting one as my granddad has two, one each side of his hand and I wanted one too. I booked myself in for 3pm, paid my deposit  and went off to look for a dress for Ceirwens birthday. I found one, in Hnm, but it was only a size 12-14, I could have cried! I thought id try it on anyway and to my utter shock it fitted! I paid the £20 and happily skipped on my way. i got my 4th tattoo done, it didn’t hurt at all, which was a relief after this mornings pain.


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