Paracetamol please?

I havent really blogged much this week but it’s been such a random week I could have blogged essays day by day, but I didn’t and my memory is terrible. I did however go out for Matt’s birthday which was extremely fun, minus thinking someone was dead (she was passed out in a cubical) I also learnt that if someone looks rapey, they probably are.

I just woke up from a two our cat nap with Alfie, although he  was lucky enough to have had 3 hours. I feel so ill today my tounge and fingers have swollen up, my body is aching and my head is spinning. I so badly want to have a long hot bath, but I can’t until Alfie goes to sleep and seeing as he only just woke up, not gonna happen! So rubbish tv it is, I havent even brushed my hair. *sigh* i’m naggy today, Grrr!


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