I’ve had a really good day today, regardless of a few let downs from a certain person, but whats new?

I had a lovely 2 hour bath and feel all nice and clean! and well then my Dad came to see me for a bit, which was nice and he cut my grass for me which was also nice of him and I finally finished my weekly shop, it took 3 hours and I’m quite happy with everything I bought, especially my shower gel. My deliveries wont be here until 9pm-11pm tomorrow though :s

I woke up today to find Ceirwen had signed me up to a dating site, I could have literally gone to her house and knocked her out, seriously. But I guess i’ll let her off , because yesterday Ceirwen decided that it was time to have a deep and meaningful awkward as hell conversation, which led me to fiddling with my earrings, laptop and anything else in side I spent most of the time avoiding every question she asked, but then kinda felt guilty as I know she’s shy and she answered all of my questions, even the ones about sex. So I answered them all correctly and I’m hoping I’m gonna get some sort of blue peter badge in the post cause it was awkward having to talk about feelings and shiz, I don’t get why girls voluntarily do it, I really don’t.

Then there was E3! which was amazing, really amazing and I am excited for the new xbox360 games coming out!