After applying Alfie’s sunscreen on for the 2nd time today, we’re inside but he has to wear it anyway so his skin doesnt blister, I tickled his legs and he giggled his face lit up with happiness. He’s so innocent, his biggest worry would be how to get all of his dinner in his mouth at once, or how quick he can leave the room without me chasing him. So how as adults, even young children, do we become so hateful? so vindictive, vicious, jealous, spiteful, two-faced and every other selfish emotion. Oh I don’t know.


One thought on “Peace?

  1. People get hateful because they are either i) jealous of what other people have, or ii) are scared of what other people are, just because they are slightly different (religion/language/gender/race/world view/political leaning etc etc). If you told 1 group of people to wear red t-shirts and 1 group of people to wear blue t-shirts, that would be reason enough for them to end up hating each other (see football).

    Both these things seem pretty foolish to me, because:

    i) If you’re jealous of what others have it should either inspire you to work hard to get whatever it is they have too, or befriend them so they share it with you.

    ii) People should be excited by people different to them, meeting different kinds of people is the best thing in the world. It’s the fastest way to learn and get into new things. If everyone was the same, life wouldn’t be worth living.

    I do have a rather hippie outlook on life though, so what would I know 😛


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