Grab somebody sexy, tell ‘em “hey, give me everything tonight”.

I went out last night with my brother, his boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend. I thought it would have been a bit awkward because I’ve never drank in front of my family. After what seemed to be a constant flow of cider and black current as Chris kept filling my drink up when it got half way, we we’re all having great fun and couldn’t care less.

My brothers the type of dancer that uses his hands constantly, he dances in the way that if the lyric is “phone” he’ll pretend to be on the phone, the type of dance you do when you’re 10, it was so funny. What wasnt funny was every time a guy would go past my brother would say “what about him?” and spent the night trying to find me a boyfriend, it was awfully shameless and unnecessary.

The only really bad part of the night was when Abbas song Mama Mia came on, a song that me and my cousin Tammy used to dance to a lot, my cousin died when she was 14 so it wasnt really the song I wanted to hear, regardless I enjoyed it. I spent about £7 the whole night and not once did I not have a drink. A pretty good night me thinks! even though Ceirwen spilt her drink down the inside of my dress, gross and sticky.

We had to come home as my friend wasnt feeling to good, I wasnt bothered though, my feet we’re  killing from my heels and I’d had such a great night that I didn’t mind coming home. We got in the taxi, which to be honest seemed to go really quick, the driver had these amazingly brown eyes. I paid him the £8.50 with a £20 note and received all my change in pound coins! which is what I really like so, made the night better. I said goodbye to my friend, grabbed another bottle of alcohol from my fridge and enjoyed the first time I’d been completely home alone in over a year.


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