Another day.

I spent last night at my mum and dads house, Oh and my granddad lives there too! she invited me up there to have a chinese takeaway, she assumed I was sleeping over but I hadn’t brought anything with me, my dad took Ben to work and the rain started, it was pouring down and I didn’t have the rain cover for Alfie’s pram and my Dad wouldn’t be back until half 9, so I agreed I’d stay over.

I love my parents house, it’s so modern and lovely, I love my house too, but it’s just not homely. Everyone went to bed, including Alfie, I stayed up watching Teen Mom2, I love the show so thought id take the opportunity to actually catch up with it. I started to get cold and decided to go to bed, not my old bedroom though, my parents have built another bedroom, well two actually but they knocked one down as they had no use for it?, I didn’t quite understand either. My old bedroom was tiny, but seeing as I practically lived with my grandparents and had my own room there, I wasnt fussed. I had a cupboard in my room, a built-in one and I had the lyrics to “imagine” by John Lennon scrolled on the inside of the door, but that was about all that remained of my room. My family swap rooms around constantly, so it was expected! But seeing as I had two bedrooms, one at my grandparents it meant I had two of everything, two beds, to wardrobes, to TVs, aha, I even had two copies of finding Nemo! so a bedroom was just a room to me, nothing special.

Times have changed now though, after my Nanna died, I couldn’t face living with my parents knowing I could never go back to the bungalow, so I settled for a downstairs flat 4 doors down from the bungalow. Which messed with my head completely and I became a complete wreck, still am really, walking past the bungalow everyday to go to work/college completely broke my heart. However I then got pregnant, then moved into a house, which im still in but at the moment I’m so tempted to move back in with my parents house, it gets quite lonely alone all the time.

Anyway, as I was saying. I went to bed in their new bedroom, it has its own bathroom with a huge shower and the pipes kept making noises, well I assume it was the pipes it sounded like when shampoo falls into the bathtub, even though they have a shower. Around 1 am I fell asleep, not intentionally, my laptop was on my knee and I woke up a few hours later with it boiling hot on top of the duvet, I was surprised the people id fallen asleep talking to were still online. I did try to have a conversation but with the lack of sleep ive been having recently I was completely out of it. I’ve been going to sleep around 6am and having to get up at 7am but somehow coping fine with it, until last night that is. I decided enough was enough it was around 3am and went to sleep!

I woke up at 5, Alfie was wide awake, my mum who always gets up early told me to go back to sleep and she’d wake me later, I jumped at the chance and literally jumped into bed! aha. I then went online and searched for a pram that would be able to face me so that I could see if the sun was on Alfie’s face, paid for it and its coming tomorrow! I love free next day delivery!

The plan was then to go to town with my mum, but that plan failed and when Ben said he was off to town to get his hair cut, me and Alfie tagged along. We bumped into Matt and Ceirwen, then headed to Mc Donalds and did some shopping.

I got home and had bought myself new jewelry for my piercings, all matching and was pleased, until I realised the nose stud was a lot thicker than the one I had so had to force it in, which hurt so badly, if my nose piercing ever closed, and I couldn’t pierce it myself like ive had to do a lot, I’d never get it redone in a shop, it hurt so bad, i’d get another tattoo before I got that redone. I finally stretched the hole big enough and got it in, it bled but that was expected. I then tried to unscrew my “angel bites” piercing, I say piercing as I took the other out ages ago, the bar wouldn’t come out so I’m gonna have to use pliers again, I seemed to have tightened it too tight. I also bought an apple and cucumber face mask! it smelt nommy and Veet to make my legs all shiny and soft :] i prefer Veet rather than Nair, as Nair gave me seriously bad chemical burns… on my face! yeah, I was confused too :S

On a more important note though, I have the appointment date to find out more about Alfie’s condition, hopefully this time I’ll have some good news!


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