Lava Lamp

I woke up this morning really wanting bacon, had an argument with Ben over a lava lamp (my lava lamp is gorgeous btw) and headed to my Mums house where as soon as I walked in she blurted out “Why is your hair blue!” I then hinted and hinted for her to make me a bacon sandwich, her being a woman and all, not that i’m not a woman, but yano. She said she didn’t have any but said she was making sunday dinner soon, so I could have some of that. I agreed it was a good idea, but in the back of my mind I was craving bacon like a bitch. After bumming about my parents house for a bit with my Grandad and Alfie making jokes with my Mum and head butting her and saying “noggin” like the turtle does in finding Nemo, I decided it was time to go home. I gave them all a kiss goodbye, said bye to the Scottish decorator who was wallpapering my parents hall, I felt the need to say bye because when talking to me he said Alfie was “a bonnie wee thing!” so he seemed nice and did a really good job.

I headed straight for the shop where I bought bacon, eggs and chips. Was rudely laughed at by some chavy guys, say whatttttt?! finally got home and then quickly cleaned up knocking over a glass that Ceirwen had left on my floor, glass was everywhere. It seemed to take me forever to tidy up. My food was cooking lovely and I went to open the window to let some fresh air in and I noticed Apple, my cat, I was then immediately put off my bacon when I also noticed the mauled baby bird in her mouth, I threw a glass of water over her and she dropped the bird, but it was already dead. She came back over and proceeded to nom at it, so I threw more water over her and disposed of the birdie, I struggled for ages to actualy pick the bird up, with a carrier bag, gagging away but it had to be done I then Sat down and ate my dinner.

I’m now watching T4 on the beach, it’s not very good but it passes the time.


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