“k” “…potassium to you too bitch.”

I thought I would blog about one of the many things that’s bugging me recently, this has bugged me for years, i’m on about the conversation stoppers that we all mostly hate yet all do.

It bugs me nothing more when someone starts a conversation with me just saying “hi” not even with a capital “H” To me, “hi” looks depressing, it’s followed by me saying “howre you” and then saying “meh” and then when I asked whats the matter, they say they don’t want to talk about it or “k” Unless they are actually planning to tell me about potassium, What is the point!? They are usually the type of people who never ask how you are. If someone starts a conversation with me starting with “hi” unless I actually have time for the person, I don’t bother replying.s

Secondly I hate it when you say something and the person responds with “lol” and it’s not even funny! For example, “just watching TV” and they respond with “lol” now unless they are incredibly simple, me watching TV really isn’t an activity that you would laugh out loud for.

Another thing I hate is the conversations that turn awkward and I like to point out that they are awkward, just for the fun of it. I had a very awkward conversation the other day, where a guy I know tried to have cyber sex with me, it wasnt happening in any shape or form, I’m not 13 and to be honest the thought of cyber sex, kinda sounds lame. I mean if you’re into it then that’s cool, but nah, not for me, thanks. So the guy was all trying his best and I’m sat there wondering is he trying to have cyber sex with me.. So, I asked him, it was awkward and he admitted he was, I told him not to, I told him if he tried again I would then have to shoot myself. He did try again and I went along with it, I think he got the hint.

14/07/2011 00:55:40 “La La La Leanna ](*)[ -hears a knock at the door-
14/07/2011 00:55:46 “La La La Leanna ](*)[ -oh look its an ebay package-
14/07/2011 00:55:51 “La La La Leanna ](*)[ -ohai ak-47-
14/07/2011 00:56:01 “La La La Leanna ](*)[ -shoots self-

It also bugs me when people who say “BRB”  don’t come back, I have a friend who does this on a daily basis, it’s not that I’m sat there for hours waiting for her to come back, but it is annoying if we’re mid conversation. We all know what “BRB” means, “be right back” not be back in a few hours, or in fact just not come back online! It really is a pain because there is no need for it!


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