Give me a long kiss goodnight & everything will be alright, tell me that I wont feel a thing.

Yesterday I had a good day with Ceirwen & her boyfriend Matt. Me and Matt got slightly drunk and played a few drinking games whilst drinking his vodka with grass inside it, I was keen to finish the bottle so I could have the grass and pretend to be a farmer! Matt did explain why it had grass inside it, but to be honest I can’t remember. I just remember it had some animal on the bottle and grass inside… so the photo could or could not be it! ahaha.

The night went incredibly quick and the next minute, I’m in bed! I woke up in the morning around 7am, decided I wanted bacon and chips and we we’re in a cafe eating before I knew it. Ceirwen did her usual “stop texting, it’s rude!” talk, so I did.. for about 10 minutes, I do text a lot, but in all fairness, it would be rude not to reply 😉

I spent the day moaning that I was fed up, in all fairness, Ceirwen and Matt did try to cheer me up and they did succeed. We spent the day just sunbathing in the garden, throwing and a ball about and basically just lazing about.

I never tell people when I’m feeling down or sad, so they should be lucky really! ahaha! Matt went home and around 5 O’clock me and Ceirwen walked towards my parents house, Ceirwen going home and me continuing to go up the steep hill whilst pushing Alfie! I finally arrived at my parents house, my mum was in the garden and my Dad shouted down “are my socks down there?” he was rushing to get ready for work I chucked him up his socks, he stood there in his boxers and ACDC t-shirt I bought him, to avoid all awkwardness, I replied “here’s your socks, the t-shirts nice!” and he went off to get changed. My Mum spent the majority of the time saying “you look fed up love” whilst posing for her picture taken, I told her I was fine, just a lil tired, it was true I was knackered!

I headed home around 7, was stopped by an old lady for a good 15 minute chat, shes lovely, so I  didn’t mind, coincidentally bumped into Ceirwen and ended up walking her dog for her and going to the chippy with her, I really fancied a pot noodle and popped into the shop to be left in disappointment that they didnt have the green one! I settled with black and then waited for Ceirwens food to cook, we were served by a chinese guy I’ve never seen before, well dress and kinda cute, but with the most shocking british accent i’ve ever heard, I sounded more chinese than he did! I said bye to Ceirwen and headed home with the phone number of a person selling kittens!

The plan was to come home and get drunk, but after watching Odd One In and some programme with magicians, which I loved as I love magic! I used to love the masked magician! came online for a bit, spoke to some friends and I then decided to have a quick bath, which turned into a long one as I fell asleep in it, and headed to bed at midnight.

I woke up this morning feeling so ill, my head was pounding,  I phoned my Mum to see what time Alfie was coming home, she said in the next half hour so I jumped out of bed, quickly tidied up, stared blanky at my afro in the mirror, played Xbox for a little bit and an hour later, my lil milky button was home!


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