All aboard for a trip to sea!

I woke up this morning, realising how lucky I actually am, given I woke up at 7 feeling like I’d had no sleep, looked like a zombie with an afro, to be greeted by a certain little man who rubbed yoghurt into my sofa, my t-shirt, trousers and covered his dummy in it but yeah I am very lucky.

I’m currently on the phone to a woman that keeps coughing down my ear and quite literally has no idea what the hell she is on about.. Oh, I was correct shes diverting me to someone else, well done Wrexham Hospital, you fail again., but hey Jeremy Kyle is on which should pass the time of me being stuck on hold and then I have to get ready and re dressed as I’m now covered in sticky strawberry yogurt, takes lovely though.. and ive actually made plans for today, which should be fun! tis been a while so, you knowing forward to it 🙂

I’ve got to take my lil milky button for a x-ray tomorrow, it breaks my heart taking him to the hospital because he always comes back with a bug of some kind, properly the poor hygiene of the hospital but, it’s really not nice taking him there, there’s so many bad memories in that hospital and so many bad people.

Anyway, back to being lucky.. i’m very lucky obviously because I have Alfie, but also lucky because I have my lovely best friend Ceirwen, we’ve been friends since we we’re 11, although she hasn’t changed in appearance wise at all or matured aha, I guess I havent really grown up either, i’m a lil taller I guess that counts lol but yeah she is pretty cool, she wont admit it but she’s a total slut in the making! and although she constantly shouts at my dog and gets very annoying when she’s tired I’m quite lucky to have a friend like her! I think we might spend too much time together as we seem to always cough at the same time! our friendship has tested a lot over the years and we’ve still remained friends, in fact id say we’re better friends at the moment than we have ever been, seeing as we now tell each other our personal stuff, which before we didn’t really.

I don’t really understand how we have stayed friends we have nothing in common, she’s quite girly and well I’m not, I’ve adapted to watching her soppy rom-com movies, she however still wont watch any of my zombie films.. her taste in music has greatly improved over the years as we now like a lot of the same bands, except she’s a total Steps fan girl. I kinda converted her a lil bit to liking the xbox360, I converted her with the Monopoly and Lips games! But apart from that, we dont have anything in common,oh, i’m forgetting our hardcore dance moves that always get a bit too close for our liking ahah.

Shes kinda lucky I’m saying this to be honest, I’d never say this to her face cause i’d totally faceplant the floor… not sure why, but tend to either fiddle a lot or hide my face, text, walk away, sing ect when asked how I feel about people! Especially people I really like, I guess it’s because I’m just that cool that I have no feelings. Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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