Some stay, some go, standing here broke, not a penny to my name, but she says she loves me all the same.

Yesterday was a very strange day, I woke up extremly happy, made about a zillion phone calls and then was in a bad mood. Ceirwen offered to baby sit Alfie for the day, I said no, but after she went on, I was kinda liking the idea, so Alfie left at 1pm and I quickly redecorated my bedroom, the first coat was on and I was covered in white paint, I’m so messy.  I then decided I’d just bum about on my laptop, but then I kinda felt it would be a wasted day as I already spend too much time on it, I began to tidy Alfie’s room sort out all of his old 0-12 month clothes that I didn’t like or want, it took a good few hours because he has that many clothes…but I got there in the end with the help of music and me dancing away.

5pm soon came and it was time to go get Alfie, I thought I was late so I hurried out of the house, forgetting to put leggings on and the wind blew my dress up … yay. Alfie didn’t actually seem that bothered to see me, he clearly had a lovely day with his Auntie Ceirwen, and I’m glad.

Ceirwen came home with me, as usual so did her laptop, I told her she really didn’t need it, but before we got through the door she was practically already on Facebook aha. The night really was a rollercoaster of emotions, we were laughing non stop for hours and hours and then I had an argument with Ceirwens boyfriend Matt, which made things incredibly awkward because Ceirwen was sat there in the middle of it all, he got the wrong end of the stick and was refusing to apologise, I’m very stubborn and I normally get my own way so, there was no way I was backing down and Ceirwen said it was best to tell the truth and get it over with saying that if I was angry I should tell him rather than pretend I’m not so I did, eventually he apologised and I’m glad because I really do like Matt. I decided the only way to make the situation less awkward would be if we spammed Mtt’s Facebook page with the lyrics to “I’m on a boat” by the Lonely Island. It was funny and we all Loled. ahha.

So our moods we’re back to being a lil hyper and giggly when all of a sudden there was a massive bang coming from Alfie’s room, I ran up there with Ceirwen following behind, I knew Alfie hadn’t fallen out of his cot because he is too small, so I knew he wasnt hurt, I went to open the door and something was blocking it, I could have pushed harder  but I just couldn’t bring myself to open the door, I found myself panicking like hell, I got really dizzy and Ceirwen was in hysterics too she didn’t know what to do. I tried everything possible to get her to open the door, I spent a lot of lonely scary nights when Ben lived here because he was working nights, I saw a lot of crazy things and felt them too, so I was pretty damn terrified that things we’re happening again, I got really shaky and I think Ceirwen noticed that I was having a panic attack because I pretty much was guilting her to open the door and eventually she did, she wouldn’t go in the room though..

Alfie was fine, snoring away all that had happened was a bag of weights had fallen off his door handle, I’m not sure how or why because they’d been there all day and the bag wasnt snapped or ripped in any way. We quickly hurried down and it really was like something form Paranormal Activity, I know you’ll all probally think we over reacted but I honestly thought someone had broken in.

It took Ceirwen a good near hour to get over the incident, we kept hearing noises and she would freak out and ask to go home, the funny part was that I wasnt scared at all. I normally hate being on my own at night because weird things happen in this house and Ceirwen often tries to scare me as she goes home late at night saying things like “watch out for the ghost” she was that scared last night that she even randomly apologised for purposely trying to scare me at night times… I don’t’ get why she did it to be honest, I’d be that scared from the pure fact of being on my own and she’d scare the hell out of me so then I’d end up making Alfie sleep with me because I didn’t wanna be alone. Quite mean really, but yeah I’m totally fine with being on my own now, kinda have to be otherwise i’d be a complete mess aha.

The rest of the night was a complete utter embarrassment on my part due to the fact Ceirwen likes to purposely embarrass me! so I’m not going to blog about the rest of the night.. because tis already making me feel awkward that it even happened. (ahahm y kitty has climbed into an empty bag of crisps!)

Ceirwen went home about 4am and I was awake at 6am due to a certain little kitty meowing, I was just lay there thinking “aww he must want to play” but the fact it was 6am he had more chance of me completely ignoring him and going to sleep, (atm hes sat on my shoulder like a parrot?!) the meowing seemed to get louder, I thought maybe I was dreaming then all of a sudden this tiny lil creeping kitty was in my room, my first ultimate thought was “how the hell did he open the kitchen door?” followed by “ohhhh no.. dont jump on my bed you’ll pluck the bedding!!!” at the last thought I quickly jumped up out of bed and ushered the lil tiny coke sized kitty back downstairs.

I was getting Alfie’s clothes for the day while he played in his cot and then all of a sudden, I turn around and on the other side of the room Alfie’s picture frame fell off the wall… I was like, “hey!” and I’m kinda used to things happening now, a photo frame falling is nothing to whats happened before and the fact it was Alfie’s room, didn’t surprise me at all.

Well I have plans today, so I better go brush my teeth etccc ahha, i’m looking forward to today, should be funnn. ;’)


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