Everybody’s looking for love, Ain’t that the reason you’re at this club? You ain’t gon’ find it dancing with him…

Its been a while since I’ve blogged, which is annoying because I blog so I don’t forget things… but a week has gone and I’ll probably forget about it if I don’t blog  about it now.

Last friday while talking to my friend Ceirwen online, she told me she wanted to get “mega drunk” it’s normally me saying that to Ceirwen and her moaning that she doesn’t like getting drunk, I’ve never really properly seen her drunk so I was very keen on the idea! However, at the time wasnt possible as Alfie was here, shockingly enough the next minute my house phone rings and it’s my Mum asking me could Alfie sleep in her house, it was perfectly timed and seeing as he doesn’t stay there much as I don’t like people baby sitting him, he’s my responsibility not there’s, but I went along with it. Walking up the hill to my Mums house I passed 3 men in their late 40’s early 50’s, sat outside the shop drinking, they mumbled something to me, one I think was Irish, I had no idea what they said so continued to walk. I left my mums house at 7pm and headed to Ceirwens house, she lives on the street in between me and my Mum, we headed back to the shop to get some alcohol, I say some, I felt more like an alcoholic than the 3 men outside the shop, although when passing them again they started talking to Ceirwen about big bums… about an hour later we had to go to Ceirwens house, shockingly enough there was an ambulance outside the shop, no doubt trying to sober up our lil 50-year-old alkie friends.

Ceirwens plan was to be “wasted” by 9pm… it was 8:30 and she vomited everywhere and was pretty much drunk, dancing and singing. Drunk Ceirwen is probably the nicest Ceirwen you’ll see, telling me how much she loved me, how beautiful I am and how she’s lucky to have me as a friend. I kind of figured seeing as it’s normally me being the annoying drunk, that I’d stop drinking and look after her, especially seeing as she was half-naked in my garden talking and dancing for my neighbours! ahaha.

I can’t really remember saturday or sunday, but I remember going to the shop in a dress and sandals and all of a sudden it was absolutely pouring down and I got soaked yet it was the most refreshing and relaxing thing I’ve done in a while! even though I was dripping from head to toe when I got to the shop, it was so nice to feel the cold droplets of rain hit my skin. I  learnt from it though that wet clothes are not the easiest to get off and can make you incredibly cold! it’s okay though, because I got undressed and went straight to bed aha.

Monday came… Alfie was with Ben, I posted on Facebook that I didn’t know what to do that night and Ceirwens boyfriend suggested party.. I was easily convinced by the fact he added “gotta get down on monday” Total win. They arrived that night Ceirwen announcing she wanted to get “mega drunk” again, it was nice to hear because normally if we go into town.. she hardly drinks and has to suffer watching me and Matt get drunk. The night consisted of alcopops and Cider, followed by Matt brutally killing a moth which I then ushered him upstairs to wash his filthy hands and a lot of dancing and singing. Turns out me and Ceirwen know the exact dance to “get me bodied” the extended version..our perfectly timed drunk dancing skills, we’re uh.. epic. Note to self: wear more clothes. Heres a video of someone not as talented as us, doing the dance, just forward to about 1:30 in.  Poor Matt :’]

We then went on to a bit of rap needless to say my rapping skills are as amazing as my dancing skills.. *cough* The night ended by Matt finding Ceirwen for the millionth time asleep upstairs in my bed and me vomiting, which I then insisted it was time to sleep!

Alfie came back last night, to a fresh clean house, as I’d spent the day cleaning. I miss him so much when he goes, although.. he’s only been twice to Ben’s house, but my house just isn’t the same without him, although tis nice to have some time to myself. Alfie didn’t seem too fussed to see me though, more upset that Ben left. I don’t mind though, he hardly see’s his Daddy so he’s obviously going to miss him where as I was on Skype to Alfie while he was away.. ahaha.

My life’s pretty good at the moment and I know exactly how it could get better, I just need to stop being lied to, I hate all the arguments, they’re so pointless and ruin everything. My heads all over the place at the moment, the days are just going too quick, I can’t believe it’s August which means I’ve been single for four whole months! Where has the time gone, it wont be long and i’ll be an old lady.


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