Oh, You’ve been talking ’bout my new diamond rings..

Don’t need your money-box, Cause I got lots & lots, Of what I need right here, right here with you my dear.

I realised recently that the world really does revolve around money and how much of it you have. Growing up I had the best of everything, I never had to ask twice, if I wanted it, I had it within days, if not that day. My Nanna and Grandad spoilt me so much that I never really realised how little I cared for money, I only had to smile and I’d get what I want. My Nanna at 72 had a better mobile phone and laptop than me, I remember jokingly saying it was unfair and the same day she gave me the money to go buy a new laptop.

Even though my Nanna passed away, I still have a way of getting everything I want, I’m not spoilt, sometimes I’ve gone weeks without any money, in fact one time I gave the last of my money to Children In Need and was broke as a joke for a few weeks, but it was just the sight of the little children on the TV going without the simplest of things, water and food, something we all take for granted and while I was sat in my lovely house watching the Tv with Alfie about to order a takeaway, I realised there’s more important things in life, so gave the last of my money away.

As a single Mum, I can’t spoilt myself as much as I used to, but it’s weird, I don’t actually treat myself at all, it seems like at the moment, I don’t need money to make me happy, my Nanna used to always tell me that “money doesn’t bring happiness” which I’d quickly reply with “I’d rather be crying with pretty clothes on” she told me that one day i’d realise that it’s not that important. I honestly now feel like all these years I’ve done nothing but waste money on stuff I never appreciated or really needed. I would get paid from work and automatically either spend it in town or spend it online, leaving me broke for the rest of the week because I wanted something pointless.

I’ve done nothing but pine for my iphone back, a birthday present  I was bought from my boyfriend at the time, he took it back off me out of pure spite and it quite literally devastated me having to buy a rubbish phone to replace it, but my “rubbish” phone does exactly what I only really used my iPhone for, texts, phone calls and occasionally the internet, yeah the cameras not as good but I have a lovely digital camera which cost me quite a lot, so I really don’t see why I moaned so much.

I guess recently I realised that with my lack of money, I’m still just as happy as I was when I had lots of money, it seems that I now know that the people around me make me much happier than money ever did, I just wished I had listened to my Nanna sooner. However, with my new-found wisdom ahha, I hope I can teach Alfie that it doesn’t matter how much or how little money he has, as long as he has enough to pay his bills, it’s the least of his problems and as long as he is a good person, karma comes back around and will reward him with happiness that money can’t buy, love.


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