Merry Christmas.

Its been a while since I blogged but while Alfies lunch is cooking and Philip is out, I thought it was the perfect time to write one! even though Alfie is chewing the top of the laptop.  Anyway, I recently found out i’m having another baby, which i’m delighted with! & so is Philip!

I got a new rabbit called sausage & a kitten called Biscuit, Bickie for short, theyre so adorable! & Alfie loves them lots!

I’ve nearly finished all my christmas wrapping but it’s just taking forever! My tree is just over flowing with Alfies prezzies & theyre just the ones from me & Phill as he’s already had christmas with his Dad on the 19th, yeah, I didnt understand it either especially seeing as his Dad is off christmas eve and Christmas day & as hard as it was, I offered for him to take Alfie after he’s opened his gifts here & had dinner and spend the day with him and bring him back on boxing day on his way to work, but he refused, claiming that he wants more than one night with him, although he only had two on his version of “christmas” I did try and explain to him that Christmas is important and it’s about children & families, but he insisted that it wasnt, it was just about Jesus & hes not religious so he doesnt care about Christmas.

I just hope he doesnt do the same next year, as Alfie will be aware of santa & christmas & he’ll wonder where his Daddy is.

He really is hopeless & i’m not being two faced as its nothing I wouldnt say to his face & probs already have. I just don’t understand what parent would voluntarily give up the chance to spend christmas with their child, especially as Alfie is really excited this year & I even caught him opening up some prezzies & giggling! 

Oh well, atleast Alfie will look back & see that I was always there for him & to be honest, I didnt want him to go for christmas, I just thought it was the right thing to do, but now thanks to his selfish Dad, I get to spend the whole day with my little muffin, not just the morning 🙂

Its also my birthday soooon!! i’m so excited, my 21st on the 1st of January. Teehee!


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