On the 16th of Feb…

On the 16th of february, I had a hospital appointment for an ultrasound to check that my baby was developing normally, had all of its limbs the sex of the baby and most importantly that it still had a heartbeat. I was really nervous all week and excited. The day finally came, I dropped Alfie off at my Mums house and me and Phil headed to the hospital. I had a feeling that something would be wrong and they’d not be able to find the baby’s heartbeat, this happened so many times when I was pregnant with Alfie so I was really anxious to just get it over with. I’d spent most of the morning feeling ill and at one point nearly phoned to rearrange the appointment.

We got to the hospital and were a  little bit early, I ordered some lovely buttered toast from the Cafe and some pure orange juice, Phil wasnt hungry as he’d had chinese food with my family so I scoffed down my toast and we proceeded to the x-ray department. I kept asking Phil was he nervous, but he wasnt he was just calm and normal, I asked him over and over again between drinking cups of water.

Finally it was my turn to go in,  I had to sign a form to give my consent to them telling me the sex of the baby, I quickly signed it and lay on the bed. She lifted up my t-shirt, undone my zip on my jeans (I was horrified) and tucked some kitchen roll type material into my underwear to stop the Gel from going on them. I lay there patiently and she searched for the baby.

She quickly found it and it wouldn’t keep still!  she did all of her routine checks which took forever as the baby wouldn’t keep still and kept covering its face and crossing its legs. She said that everything was developing normally and the baby was fine which made me smile. She then proceeded to find out the sex of the baby, this took a while and she said she wasnt sure, but then when the baby moved its legs she insisted we were having a girl! I was so sure it was a boy that I was in utter shock, Phil seemed over the moon she congratulated us and handed me paper towels to clean my stomach. We left there with 6 scan photos and smiles on our faces.

We quickly phoned our parents who were really happy for us and headed into town to buy a cute little pink baby outfit! and apparently so did my Mum as when she came to my house that night she’d bought loads of girlie clothes! 

I’ve had lots of congratulations and everyone seems really happy for us both, so thankyou to everyone that has bought us baby stuff already and all the nice messages and calls we’ve had, it really means a lot to me. I really can’t wait til July now.


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